“Two years they’ve been pushing Dnipro to move to action. Recent developments cannot be considered as coincidence,” - Mayor Filatov


Mayor of Dnipro City Borys Filatov calls on the Interior Ministry to consider all law enforcement issues in the city in a comprehensive manner, not as separate, unrelated episodes.

As reported by Censor.NET, Filatov wrote on Facebook.

"The commission of the big bosses is heading for Dnipro to tackle the problem on the ground, so to speak. Therefore, I (for the hundredth time) want to draw the attention of the senior officials to my deepest conviction that recent developments in Dnipro cannot be considered as separate, unrelated events. They've been pushing Dnipro to move to action for two years while I have been holding lines on all fronts. Alone. Without any assistance. No, no, everyone is very polite and even expresses sympathy, but still no assistance offered. The police are corrupted to the core; the prosecutor's office is too busy; the SBU has more important things to do. Not a single criminal has been found and punished so far.

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"The probe is still ongoing into seizure of City Council by titushky; attacks on Deputy Mayors Olena Moloshna, Oleksandr Sanzhara, Mykhailo Lysenko, City Council members Ruslan Vyshnevetskyi, Oleh Hryhoruk, Artem Khmelnykov; employees of the municipal police, public utility providers; arson attack on the car of Trade Department Head Ruslan Moroz; damaged cranes and trucks, acts of hooliganism at the City Council meetings.

"Not a single person was held accountable. Moreover, the police were beating ATO veterans yesterday in the same manner as they were beating utility folks taking down illegal billboards three months ago," the mayor said.

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The official also thanked Interior Minister Avakov for prompt dismissal of the city and the region police authorities.

"I have always been an optimist and will keep remaining one after today's dismissals," Filatov said adding that he had been thinking of Avakov as a friend since 2014. "The capital can always count on Dnipro. Thank you for the arbitrary decision you've made, but there is still a lot of work to do. Please, make your subordinates be advised of this truce," he said.

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