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 "Immortal Regiment walk is an example of sophisticated political speculation on people's feelings," - Poroshenko

President Petro Poroshenko believes the Moscow-designed Bezsmertny Polk (Immortal Regiment) march is a speculation on the feelings of people.

Censor.NET reports citing 112 Ukraine quoting the Ukrainian president.

"We categorically reject Moscow's attempt to use the victory over Nazism in World War II to meet its revanchist, imperial and expansionist needs. The Second World War ended 72 years ago, and the Kremlin is still eager to issue commands to Ukraine as if to its four Ukrainian fronts," Poroshenko said speaking at the oath-taking ceremony in Kyiv, as recruits swore allegiance to two Ukrainian military units - the Presidential regiment and the 101st Guard Brigade of the General Staff of Ukraine's Armed Forces.

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"During today's Immortal Regiment march in Moscow, they promised to carry the portraits of Russian militants whom they sent to the Donbas to kill Ukrainians, who came to draw the sword and died by the sword. That is a true symbol of the so-called 'friendship.'

"The Immortal Regiment walk is an example of sophisticated political speculation on people's feelings. I wish those Ukrainians who believe in the sincerity of its organizers heard me. Moscow designed the walk not to honor the memory of the dead but to make the dead help Russia's military expansion in the neighboring countries," the president stated.

As reported, similar marches were held today in several cities across Ukraine, including Kyiv.
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