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 Syrian "terrorists" use advanced night vision devices produced in Russia

Military experts examining weapons of "terrorists" eliminated in Syria found that the snipers of Islamic State and Al-Nusra Front banned in the Russian Federation use night vision sights with electronic components produced by Russian enterprises.

Censor.NET reports citing the article in Kommersant news outlet based on opinions of experts who have studied the militants' weapons.

"We found so-called electro-optical converter produced by Russian enterprises," a source said adding that it was unclear how did the equipment get into the war zone.

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The Russian laws prohibit export of such devices. According to one version, the equipment could have been delivered to Syria through the third countries officially supplied by Russia with night vision devices or their components. The pre-investigation check into these reports is ongoing.

A military technical expert told the outlet that there are three generations of the night vision devices. As the devices were upgraded their specifications such as luminous gain, photocathode sensitivity, and resolution also improved. For example, early generations of night vision scopes were efficient only under conditions of "quarter of the moon in the sky," star light was sufficient for the second generation, while the latest equipment was capable of detecting a person at a distance of 400 meters even on a rainy night.

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The sight quality is vital during night-time combat missions. According to the same expert, the most advanced devices of the third generation are manufactured in the U.S. and Russia. Other countries cannot afford their production because it is expensive and hazardous since highly toxic chemical compounds of arsenic and gallium are used in production of the night vision sights. Export of night vision devices of the third generation from the U.S. is strictly forbidden. They can only be supplied to the armies or special operations detachments of countries-allies following lengthy approvals and signing of the so-called end-user certificate by which the buyer guarantees that the third parties will get these devices under no circumstances. However, downgraded versions of these devices are still available for usual customers.

The attention of Russian experts to sniper rifles used by terrorists in the Syrian Arab Republic was attracted by the fact that at least four Russians taking part in combat operations in Syria were killed by snipers.

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It is believed that it was the sniper who killed Russian marine Alexander Pozynich in November 2015. Alexander Prokhorenko was wounded by sniper in March 2016 and contract soldier Ivan Slyshkin was killed in February 2017. The other day, a sniper killed Russian military adviser to the Syrian army Lieutenant-Colonel Alexei Buchelnikov.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, about 30 Russian servicemen were killed in Syria since September 2015. However, Reuters reported that official losses are understated fourfold.

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