"We'll be grazing goats and sheep," - terrorist Khodakovsky dwells on his vision for Donbas future


Leader of the Vostok illegal armed group Alexander Khodakovsky says the current developments in the occupied Donbas indicate that the governance model implemented in the so-called “DPR”/“LPR” is similar to the one used in the Russian-controlled Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

As reported by Censor.NET citing Vlada, the terrorists' chieftain expressed such opinion on social media.

According to him, this path will be devastating for the Donbas economy while the residents of this industrial region will either have to emigrate from the militants-controlled territory, or engage in cattle breeding and farming.

"The question is that I'm starting to think that we are following not the path of Transnistria in our development but the one of our colleagues from the Caucasian unrecognized republics. Some observations allow reaching such a conclusion.

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"First, those who have grasped power at all levels no longer want to change something as they feel comfortable as it is. Second, the domestic policy will completely change if our territory expands: the things that make a cut here will never make it in Kramatorsk. Can you imagine Kramatorsk residents after three years of Ukrainian brainwashing massively reporting to the "DPR police" and then massively taking part in rallies in support of the "DPR" at the central square of the city?

"It's not even about three years of Ukraine's dominance, but in a slight difference in perception of reality.... Therefore, it is necessary to completely change the methods of community outreach, create a rule-of-law state, take into account the residents' interests, stand by your words which is merely impossible to do with the current short-tailed government unable to control even the existing situation. It is terrible. That is why it is better to be isolated, induce Russia to pay a monthly charge as it was done in Abkhazia for example, and live without changing something.

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"I call this a social hemophilia, but purely Caucasian term of teip - a word used for clan in some regions of the Caucasus - also perfectly suites here. We have a clan being formed now. However it is not based on kinship, but on community interests. This conditional clan has seized the reins of government and there is no way to root it out unless the situation is completely reformatted making this clan helpless in the face of new conditions, new challenges.

"It is possible to live this way as many people successfully do. We'll be grazing goats and sheep - the old people are able to do this job. Those young and hard-working will migrate, for example, to Russia - maybe that's why the IDs [issued by the breakaway republics] were recognized [by Russia]. Those who will serve the interests of the clan and those who have nowhere to go will stay. This prospect is far from perfect, but I see no other path of development of the territory having the status of a small isolated community," Khodakovsky wrote.

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Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n438904