Verdict on seizure of $1.5B from Yanukovych and cronies came into force, - Turchynov


The court decision on the confiscation of $1.5 billion in Oschadbank accounts of former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and his entourage in favor of the Ukrainian state budget has taken effect.

National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov and Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yurii Lutsenko said at a briefing with the leadership of Oschadbank, Censor.NET reports referring to the NSDC press service.

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According to Turchynov, the state bank's leadership is already executing the ruling on special confiscation of the funds in favor of Ukraine's state budget.

Turchynov recalled the situation around a special forfeiture law that was introduced in the parliament 18 months ago and has seen multiple failed attempts of its adoption ever since.

"Given that the Verkhovna Rada has failed to take the decision, I want to thank the Prosecutor General's Office, personally Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yurii Lutsenko, for succeeding without any excessive PR in obtaining not just a decision on preliminary confiscation, but a court verdict, the final ruling on the transfer of these funds to the accounts of the State Treasury - to the State Budget of Ukraine," Turchynov said.

The NSDC secretary said the verdict was of high importance, because "these very funds are intended for financing the State Defense Order, security and defense entities. Moreover, I believe that apart from security and defense needs, a significant part of the funds can be used to finance important social programs, the social protection of our citizens," he summed up.
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