OSCE monitors record Grads, tanks, and 500 armed militants in Luhansk airfield


OSCE's Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) in Ukraine continues monitoring the withdrawal of weapon as stipulated by the Minsk agreements package.

Censor.NET report citing the SMM report.

"In non-government-controlled areas, the SMM again saw one tank (T-64) with a front-mounted mine sweeper near "DPR"-controlled Nikishyne (60 km north-east of Donetsk) and continued to observe seven multiple-launch rocket systems (BM-21 Grad, 122 mm), seven self-propelled howitzers (2S1 Gvozdika, 122 mm), 10 towed howitzers (five D-30 Lyagushka, 122 mm; and five 2A65 Msta-B, 152 mm), and seven tanks (T-72) at an aerodrome in the south-eastern outskirts of Luhansk city," the report says.

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The SMM observed armored combat vehicles and an anti-aircraft gun in the security zone. The SMM saw one armored personnel carrier (APC) (BTR-80) heading north-east on road T1309 near government-controlled Shchastia (20 km north of Luhansk).

"In non-government-controlled areas the SMM saw: an anti-aircraft gun (ZU-23-2) mounted on an undetermined tracked vehicle parked in front of a house at the north-eastern edge of Pikuzy (formerly Kominternove, "DPR"-controlled, 23 km north-east of Mariupol) and an APC (BTR-80) 1.7 km east of Pikuzy with at least 10 armed "DPR" members sitting on top heading south-west. At the Luhansk aerodrome, the SMM saw 12 APCs (five MTLB and seven BTR-80), seven IFVs (BMP-2), 15 trucks and five vehicles for towing howitzers, all stationary. There were also over 500 armed men wearing military-style clothing," the monitors said.

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