Drone attack not confimed as reason for Balakliia depot explosions, - journalist

On April 26, an investigative experiment within the probe into the explosions in Ukraine's largest ammunition depot in Balakliia in March was held.

This was announced by Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov on Facebook.

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Butusov said the version by Ukraerorukh on alleged air target recorded by civil service for air traffic management above Balakliia was being checked.

"The air defense did not record any aerial devices above Balakliia on that day. A check has been conducted on whether it was possible that some long distance drone was seen by Ukraerorukh but not by an air defense radar. It turned out the air defense radar should have seen the target. Thus, the drone attack has not been confirmed as a reason [for explosions - ed.]," Butusov wrote.

The next priority version of the investigation is an act of sabotage in the depot, Butusov said.

"It is evidenced by the nature of the explosions as seen on surveillance cameras and testified by witnesses. The explosion occurred in one of the most protected storages where the ammunition was held. The storage was destroyed down to rock bottom," the journalist wrote.

He added that some positive and interesting facts were found during the investigation: "Some valuable types of ammunition have been found, which, as we believed, were not present in Ukraine. They were in fact just ignored by the primitive accounting system, and then an entire storage of missiles for a modern type of weapon has been suddenly 'uncovered'," Butusov wrote.

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On March 23, 2017, an emergency arose at the military ammunition depot of the Defense Ministry in Ukraine's eastern town of Balakliia. Several storage areas of rocket and cannon artillery ordnance (tank and artillery missiles of 125 mm and 152 mm caliber) caught fire, with massive explosions of ordnance following. More than 16,000 Balakliia residents were evacuated.

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Chief Military Prosecutor Anatolii Matios said the emergency in Balakliia was an act of sabotage.

Later, a video of explosions at the ammunition depot was published online.

According to Defense Minister Poltorak, the incident in Balakliia caused no serious damage to the defense capacity of the country.
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