PM Hroisman blasts NACP leadership

Ukraine's Interior Minister Avakov has briefed Prime Minister Hroisman on wrangles inside the National Agency for Corruption Prevention (NACP).

As reported by Censor.NET, Interior Minister Arsen Avakov described the situation within the NACP at today's cabinet meeting.

"I received a letter from Ms. Korchak [NACP head - ed.] with a request to investigate the activities of Mr. Radetskyi and Mr. Riaboshapka [NACP employees - ed.] and practically remove them from work. I also received a letter from one of the NACP officials, the head of a department, regarding the prevention of corruption-related misdeeds... at the National Agency for Corruption Prevention!" Avakov said smiling.

"This department chief enclosed a 311-page document for us to draw up an administrative report on corruption in relation to Radetskyi. The point is that Radetskyi gave preference to one of the judges who further acquitted him. The document, alas, exists."

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Avakov also received a letter from MP Serhii Leshchenko describing unjustified accrual of salaries and bonuses.

"I will give a few numbers. The gross salary of the NACP head for October made 121,000 hryvnia ($4,545), while her position salary was 29,000 hryvnia ($1,089). At the same time, she received a seniority bonus of 50 percent, a performance bonus of 100 percent, and a salary bonus of 60 percent. 30,000 hryvnia ($1,127) was allocated for business trips. This is nonsense! What do I have to do here? I will not take responsibility for making decisions on these issues. We'll come to them just to hear nothing wrong has happened," Avakov said.

"I have long voiced my opinion, the NACP leadership is not sane," Hroisman answered briefly.

Later, he specified he meant Korchak's failure to attend the cabinet meeting for making a report.
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