SAP slams Radical Party’s Liashko over defiant behavior, insults against investigators during interview

The Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office (SAP) says that Radical Party parliamentary faction leader Oleh Liashko behaved defiantly and insulted prosecutors and detectives during his interview at the National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU).

Censor.NET reports siting the statement by the SAP press service.

According to the agency, MP Liashko was summoned by the NABU for an interview scheduled for April 25, 2017. The investigators sought the lawmaker's explanations on the backdrop of illicit enrichment allegations against him. The SAP entered the data into the Unified Register of pretrial investigations based on the media reports about expensive assets acquired by the MP which constitutes an offense under part 3 of article 368-2 of the Criminal Code.

"The anti-corruption agencies have actually initiated the criminal proceedings to confirm or disprove the information on illegal acquisition of assets which was sufficient to be entered into the Unified Register," the prosecutor's office said.

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"Therefore, it's up to the pretrial investigation carried out by NABU and SAP prosecutors to prove guilt or innocence of a person while Liashko's statement that the case was trumped-up is groundless and premature. It is also worth noting that Liashko behaved defiantly and disrespectfully with the detectives and prosecutors during the interview and abused them. This interview will be made public upon completion of the pretrial investigation," the agency said.

"We once again consider it necessary to remind our dear politicians that there are no untouchables for the newly created anticorruption agencies and we are bound only by the law. We hope that the society has already seen enough examples among our actions showing that our impartiality and devotion to the law are not empty words, as it is, unfortunately, customary among current Ukrainian politicians," SAP concluded.

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As reported, the anticorruption authorities initiated criminal proceedings into possible illicit enrichment by Radical Party parliamentary faction leader Oleh Liashko.
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