Russia-linked hackers tried to penetrate Macron campaign, - AP

Experts with the Japanese anti-virus company Trend Micro claim the campaign of French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron has been targeted by Russia-linked hackers.

As reported by Censor.NET, campaign's digital chief Mounir Mahjoubi confirmed the attempted intrusions in a telephone interview with AP news agency late Monday but said they had all been thwarted.

"It's serious, but nothing was compromised," Mahjoubi said.

The attempts to penetrate the Macron campaign date back to December, Mahjoubi said. The campaign previously complained of being targeted by electronic spying operations that it hinted had their origins in Russia but offered little evidence to back the assertion at the time. Trend Micro's report, which was produced independently of the Macron campaign and lists 160 attempts at electronic espionage across a series of targets, adds a measure of evidence to the claim, saying hackers set up a bogus website to harvest the passwords of Macron campaign staffers.

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Trend Micro attributed the online spying campaign to an extremely prolific group it calls Pawn Storm, which American spy agencies have in turn accused of acting as an arm of Russia's intelligence apparatus. Trend Micro itself stopped short of saying who was behind the group.

As previously reported, Macron made it to the runoff of the presidential election in France along with right-wing radical Le Pen, an ardent admirer of the Kremlin.
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