Russia's leadership bears responsibility for OSCE car blast in Donbas, - Turchynov

The responsibility for the death of an OSCE Special Monitoring Mission observer and injuries of two more rests with the military-political leadership of the Russian Federation.

The blast is a planned terrorist act targeting the OSCE mission in the Donbas, Censor.NET reports citing the National Security and Defense Council press service quoting NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov.

According to him, the entire responsibility for the tragedy rests with the military-political leadership of the Russian Federation wielding complete control of the occupied territory of the Donbas. He believes no action of hybrid troops is possible without a sanction by Russia's General Staff.

"One of the objectives pursued by terrorists is to suspend patrolling the occupied territory to allow Russia a massive and uncontrolled movement of weapons and military equipment for further large-scale military provocations," the NSDC secretary said.

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"I want to emphasize that the OSCE monitors briefed Russia's military representatives to the JCCC and paramilitary units about their patrol route and received appropriate security guarantees," Turchynov said, adding that the OSCE SMM patrol did not deviate from the planned route.

In his opinion, Lavrov's statement on "the need to immediately search for the guilty" is blasphemous and cynical, "because the perpetrators of this terrorist act sit in the Kremlin and are fully responsible for the blood of both the OSCE representatives and the Ukrainian military and civilians who have been dying in the Donbas due to Russia's aggression for three years now."

As reported, a United States national was killed in OSCE SUV blast April 23 near the village of Pryshyb in the militants-held territory of Ukraine's eastern Luhansk region. Two more monitors, nationals of Germany and the Czech Republic, were injured.
Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n437574