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 "I will prove my innocence and indict NABU leadership," - Martynenko

Former Ukrainian MP Mykola Martynenko says the NABU and SAP's indictments against him are a political falsification inspired by "Georgian mafia," and asked the president to react to such operations of the anti-corruption bodies.

Martynenko told Ukraina TV channel on April 23, the former MP's press service said.

"I would like to ask the president for his reaction... The National Anti-Corruption Bureau [NABU] and the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office [SAP] have turned into an office of "Georgian mafia"," Martynenko said.

"This cheap PR agency's business is to falsify cases, put people behind bars, and not finish a single case. There is no fight with corruption. There is a cheap PR agency that's playing politics," former member of the parliament said.

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Asked by a journalist whether he saw Georgian influence upon his case, Martynenko said: "I see nothing else. It is not an anticorruption organizations. It is a purely political project.

Dwelling on his plans, the former MP said: "First, I will prove my innocence, including through court. Second, I will indict the NABU leadership and every actor involved in the matter."

Earlier, Mykola Martynenko stated that as the Solomianskyi court was deciding on a pretrial restraint for him, "a team of controllers of NABU activities urgently arrived, headed by Saakashvili's crony, Sakvarelidze. This is evidence of system dependence of NABU from a group headed by Gizo Uglava [first deputy director of NABU - ed.]. This fact should be noted by all who watches the NABU, and they must realize that the Bureau is used as an instrument of political fighting and destruction of the coalition. Their goal is to have early parliamentary election and bring their political force in the parliament. Sytnyk [NABU head - ed.] and Uglava both have seats reserved for them in the party of Saakashvili and Leshchenko."Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n437503