Canadian fighter jets intercepted Russian bombers, - CBC News

Canadian fighter jets have intercepted Russian bombers off Canada's northern coast for the first time in more than two years.

Two CF-18s were scrambled on Thursday after North American early-warning air defenses spotted two TU-95 Bear long-range bombers, which can carry nuclear weapons, approaching Alaskan and Canadian airspace from the west around 7 p.m., Censor.NET reports citing CBC News.

"Russians never entered Canadian or American airspace, and acted "professionally and safely" before returning to their home base.The incident marked the first time since December 2014 that Canadian fighter jets have been scrambled to intercept Russian military aircraft flying in the Far North," North American Aerospace Defence Command spokeswoman Maj. Jennifer Stadnyk said.

It was also the fourth time in four days that Russian aircraft have been spotted approaching North American airspace.

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It was reported earlier that a
round 780 deployments were made from European military bases last year in response to Russian aircraft, compared to just 410 in 2015.
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