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 Medvedev: US fights Syrian government, not ISIS

The recent U.S. cruise missile strike on a Syrian government airfield is an act of military aggression.

Censor.NET reports citing TASS quoting Russia's Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

"The recent developments in Syria, including the U.S. military attack, hamper the settlement of the situation," he said.

According to the Russian premier, the American side, contrary to the pre-election calls, has launched an offensive against the Syrian government rather than terrorists.

"Further escalation of violence will only lead to the dismantling of the Syrian state, its fragmentation and at least a partial victory of terrorists, and this is definitely at odds with our plans," he said.

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As for the situation with the chemical incident in the Syrian province of Idlib, according to Medvedev, this was a "well thought-out provocation" that bore fruit, including, perhaps, to the U.S. administration.

"We have to do our best to ensure that the commission conducts an investigation and that the government of Assad is not immediately stigmatized; draw some conclusions, create a basis for further aggressive actions," the head of the Russian government said.
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