Kremlin propagandist Dugin says Russia should have brought war in Donbas to victory

Russia had provoked the bloody war in the Donbas, but failed to bring it to a victorious end and reach set goals.

This was announced by Kremlin propagandist, ultranationalist, one of the ideologists of the "Pax Russica" (Russian world) Alexander Dugin in Izborsky Klub magazine he controls, Censor.NET reports citing OstroV.

"The Donbas - the situation is very painful, for in fact it is just a half of the 'Russian spring.' I lost many dear people there, and it's so difficult to talk about it. We didn't seize Novorossia, we didn't lose Novorossia. We didn't refrain from acting, we didn't finish the act," he said.

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"It is a bleeding wound that we initially helped creating. But then we hadn't cured it. We didn't bring it to end," Dugin said.

He believes that hesitation of the Kremlin, which is a signatory to the Minsk agreement and says that "DPR/LPR" have to be returned within Ukraine, is unacceptable.

"Our behavior is ugly. If you start killing - kill; if you don't want killing - get away. Why would you simply make it worse?" reads his 'analysis' of the situation in Ukraine.

Dugin is outraged with the fact that Russia paid full price for its incomplete act of aggression against Ukraine.

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"We paid a full price, as if we did finish this act and have seized Novorossia, as if we did what we wanted to. … The situation is very painful and pathologic with the Donbas," Dugin wrote.

Dugin is a Russian chauvinist politician, Ukraine hater, one of the authors behind the concept of 'Pax Russica' and the so-called 'Novorossia' (separated eastern and southern regions of Ukraine). He is a subject to U.S. sanctions against Russians involved in aggression against Ukraine. Dugin is an editor-in-chief of Tsargrad TV and member of ultranationalist Izborsky Klub.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n436948