Prosecutor's Office seeks Canada's help in establishing author of Yanukovych's book 'Opportunity Ukraine'

Ukraine's Prosecutor General's Office has requested Canada's help in establishing authors of the book by fugitive Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych, titled "Opportunity Ukraine."

Censor.NET reports citing a court ruling date April 6 as quoted by Ukrainski Novyny.

During a pre-trial investigation the PGO found out that Yanukovych hired Novyi Mir printing office in Donetsk in 2011 for publishing his book titled Opportunity Ukraine.

The publisher obliged to print 1 million copies of the book and pay 32 million hryvnia ($4 million at that time) as a fee to Yanukovych.

The book was never published or sold by the mentioned publishing house. However, Yanukovych's bank accounts received 26,560,192 hryvnia as the fee for his work.

The court ruling reads that the criminal investigation is trying to find the persons who authored the chapters of the book and how it was done. Most of the book had been written by one person in spring of 2011. The texts were e-mailed to a certain inbox. Another person was e-mailing some plagiarism explanations to the same inbox.

The PGO says it believes that the owner of the e-mail inbox knows who the author of the Yanukovych's book is.

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It has been established that the access and registration to the inbox during the indicated period were served by Canadian company SHAW Communications Inc., (www.shaw.ca, legal address: Suite 900, 630-3rd Avenue S.W. Calgary, АВ Т2Р 4L4, Canada).

The court allowed the PGO to ask Canada for international legal help and provide temporary access to information about the inbox in question, including the IP address of the mailbox registration.

In August 2011 Austrian publisher Mandelbaum Verlag published Yanukovych's book Opportunity Ukraine in English.
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