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 Russians disappointed in Trump, - poll

Over the past month, the attitude of Russian citizens to U.S. President Donald Trump and the United States in general has significantly deteriorated.

Censor.NET reports citing the results of a poll by Russia's Public Opinion Research Center.

"Russians' attitude to U.S. President Donald Trump is worse now than it was a month ago: negative response has increased from 7 to 39 percent, positive response, on the contrary, has decreased from 38 to 13 percent. As far as emotional perception is concerned, mistrust (31 percent), disappointment (19 percent) or indifference (29 percent) toward the American president prevail," the report says.

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The majority of respondents give negative assessments of relations between Russia and the United States: 42 percent see them as tense, 28 percent - chilly and 12 percent - hostile.

Most Russians (63 percent) still believe an armed conflict between Russia and the United States, NATO is impossible or extremely unlikely, but the number of those who consider the war plausible (or already waged) has reached 30 percent. Optimistic views of the future Moscow-Washington ties has noticeably decreased: 34 percent against 58 percent in March. 15 percent feel pessimistic while 38 percent believe that the situation will stay as is.
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