ECHR says Russia authorities knew but failed to prevent Beslan terror act, orders 3M euro damages paid to vicitms

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has ordered Russia to pay a compensation to the plaintiffs in the Beslan terrorist attack case.

Censor.NET reports quoting a judgment by the ECHR.

409 victims and relatives of deceased have filed seven collective lawsuits in the ECHR.

The reimbursement makes 2.955 million euro, as well as 88,000 euro to cover court costs.

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The court acknowledges that the Russian authorities did not take necessary measures to investigate the circumstances of the terrorist act and the reasons for the death of hostages. The ECHR established the authorities failed to mitigate possible risks. Moreover, Moscow did not provide "satisfactory and convincing explanation" that the lethal force used had been no more than what had been absolutely necessary.

The court also found that the Russian special services were informed about the upcoming terrorist attack.

Earlier, the ECHR said there were violations of the right to life and legal protection in the case of Beslan's mothers against Russia.

The Beslan tragedy claimed lives of 314 hostages, including 186 children. Overall, 333 people died, including rescuers, and more than 800 received injuries of varying severity.
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