Monetization of subsidies will complicate granting procedure significantly, - Minister Rozenko

The cash payment of allocated public subsidies will trigger extra difficulties in terms of their provision.

Vice Premier of Ukraine Pavlo Rosenko said on air of 5 Channel, Censor.NET reports.

"The monetization of subsidies has two components. The first one is the monetization of settlements between service providers, which at present means clearing, paperwork and offsets. We are now advised to monetize this part of the subsidy system, and I fully support it.

"The second one is the direct monetization of public subsidies, and here we have big questions - the monetization of subsidies will greatly complicate the procedure for granting subsidies. I am proud that we once came up with a system of subsidies that are very easy to obtain, I'm against making it harder for people. And here we face the need to open accounts in banks, monthly transfer of funds, and not every village has bank branches," Rosenko said.

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As previously reported, the total amount of subsidies intended to compensate for the costs of housing and public utilities in Ukraine in January-February 2017 made 1.636 billion hryvnia ($60.767 million), which is 16.3 percent or 229.6 million hryvnia ($8. 528 million) more than in January-February 2016.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n436141