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 Deputy Brigade Commander Otserklevych relieved of duty for ‘disclosure’ of provisioning issues, - journalist

Deputy Commander of the 54th Brigade, Lieutenant-Colonel Oleksii Otserklevych was relieved of active duty after he had said that the detachment personnel were not provided with appropriate living conditions.

Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov wrote in his blog.

According to the journalist, the soldiers of the 54th Brigade were brought to the Chuhuiv training ground after they had been engaged in nearly continuous combat on the front line near Svitlodarsk for 13 months running. However the servicemen stumbled upon the inappropriate living conditions at the training ground.

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"Deputy Brigade Commander Lieutenant-Colonel Oleksii Otserklevych found that the installed shower cabins were not equipped with taps which made it impossible for the soldiers to take a shower. He appealed to the members of the maintenance supply service who told that he had to write an application and wait a week or longer," Butusov wrote.

"People have been living in the tranches under fire for a year. They have lost their companions-in-arms. They need to be protected and we should not put more stress on them, because those who fulfill requests can have a shower every day while the soldiers cannot," the journalist stressed.

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"Otserklevych called up activist Yurii Mysiahin and asked him to find the taps. Yurii wrote the relevant post on Facebook and the taps were delivered to the training ground the next day and the soldiers were able to take a shower. At the same time, Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak sent a commission to the training facility to check whether all the needs of the 54th Brigade were covered," Butusov wrote.

The journalist believes that the commission was to find out why the maintenance supply service failed to provide proper living conditions for the soldiers after a year of combat operations and bring those responsible to account.

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"However, Commission Head Major General Oleksandr Krasnook drew his own conclusions. He decided that since the minister had sent a commission to the training ground over the post on Facebook, the problem was not in the taps but in that post and the only person to be punished was its author, who had published "classified information" on Facebook. That is Otserklevych! A cast-iron logic!" Butusov wrote.

According to him, Major General Krasnook decided to relieve Otserklevych of duty and transfer him to a staff position.

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"That's what it looks like: the veteran officer has been taking part in combat operations for two and a half years, has been standing shoulder to shoulder with his soldiers at the front line all the time, has been promoted to deputy brigade commander, and has been relieved of duty because he sought to provide shower for his companions-in-arms," Butusov said.

"If justice regarding Otserklevych is not restored, then the people will stop writing complaints as they will understand that it is useless, that the system does not operate properly. And the personnel will continue resigning while our troops are already significantly undermanned. But if the minister solves this issue fairly and reprimand the members of the maintenance supply service, as it should be in this case, and reinstate the officer, this will be a good positive example of adequate decision taken by the military leadership," Butusov expressed confidence.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n435892