Hroisman supports buying coal in US, Australia and not from aggressor

Due to a halt in supplies of anthracite from uncontrolled territory in the Donbas, Ukraine will reduce the consumption of this kind of coal and cover its shortfall with diversified imports from other countries except Russia.

As reported by Censor.NET citing Interfax-Ukraine, Prime Minister Volodymyr Hroisman said it at a press conference on the occasion of the current government's first year.

"Of course, we need to buy the missing coal from different countries. I want to emphasize, I support buying [anthracite] in the U.S., Australia ... - that is in other countries, not from aggressor," he told a press conference in Kyiv on Tuesday.

"So far, we have no resolution [to ban imports of anthracite from Russia - ed.], but I believe it is very important for us to diversify and not to supply [anthracite] from the Russian Federation in any way," the prime minister added.

Hroisman recalled Ukraine has managed to completely abandon Russian gas.

"It's 501 days the Ukrainian state has not received a single drop of Russian gas," Hroisman stressed.

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He said the modernization of two units of Zmiivska TPP this year will reduce the use of anthracite by substituting it with gas coal. He added that the same modernization worth 1 billion hryvnia ($37.080 million) will be carried out at Trypilska TPP.

The prime minister said the reduced consumption of anthracite will also be achieved by increasing the generation of electricity by nuclear and water power plants.

March 15, 2017, the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) introduced a temporary ban on the movement of cargoes across the contact line in the Donbas.

On the same day, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said militants started dispatching Ukrainian coal produced in the temporarily uncontrolled territories of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions to Russia.

On Jan. 23, Energy Minister Ihor Nasalyk announced the intention of the Cabinet to ban imports of coal from the Russian Federation.
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