Visa waiver for Ukraine: key steps and peculiarities of travel to EU

On April 6, the European Parliament approved granting Ukrainians the right to travel to the countries of the European Union without visas. 521 MEPs supported the decision, 75 were against, 36 abstained.

One more step is left before visa-free travel between Ukraine and the EU is finally approved - a decision of the EU Council, Censor.NET reports.

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Yevropeiska Pravda has published a detailed calendar plan with the key steps to settle the visa-free travel issue.

After today's vote in the European Parliament, the following procedure is still ahead:

1) EU ambassadors have to support the MEP's decision one more time and put it on the ministerial meeting agenda;

2) EU Council's qualified majority has to approve the decision;

3) Only after that the decision is signed by the president of the European Parliament and a representative of the presiding country (Malta);

4) The decision is published in the official EU bulletin (it usually takes up to a week, although urgent decisions are published the next day);

5) Within 20 days, Ukrainians will be able to travel to the EU without a visa.

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As reported, the current calendar is as follows: EU ambassadors - April 26; the EU Council - May 11; signing - approximately May 15; publication - approximately May 22; the launch of visa-free travel - approximately June 11.

Citizens of Ukraine will need to carry a biometric passport (a visa will be required for those with old type passports) and an insurance policy. If a person crosses the border with an old type passport and a valid Schengen visa, it will still be valid for entering the EU, according to BBC.

When entering the EU with a biometric passport without a Schengen visa, a person can be asked by a border service officer about their destination, the availability of a return ticket or hotel reservation, as well as the availability of sufficient money for the trip (no bank statements - only cash or credit cards). This rule applies to absolutely all citizens of third countries granted visa liberalization with the EU. Visits can be multiple, but one should remember: the visa-free regime does not allow Ukrainians to work in the EU. Nor does it stipulate arriving in the EU for permanent residence. In the both cases, Ukrainians will still need a special visa.
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