Six Ukrnafta offices raided as part of understated oil price probe, - PGO

No conflict situations resulting from the searches have been reported.

Censor.NET reports quoting Prosecutor General Office representative Dmytro Pavlii.

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He cited the "sale of oil at understated prices" as one of the key causes of the raid.

"At the moment, a search is underway here. More searches are being conducted at six structural subdivisions of the company in other regions of Ukraine," Pavlii said.

The prosecutor noted all conflict situations in the territory of the enterprise had been exhausted: "When we arrived, the security blocked all doors, so we had to take measures prescribed by law. Now all conflict situations are exhausted, we are working alright."

"Perhaps we will work for more than one day, the building is big, there are a lot of documents," Pavlii added.

He said the searches were not related to the cases investigated by the NABU and the Kyiv prosecutor's office.
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