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 Prior to his murder, Voronenkov was to meet his Moscow driver Tikhonkin who could have been recruited by Russian secret services, - journalist

The murder of former Russian Duma deputy Denys Voronenkov is the first blatant terrorist attack orchestrated by the Russian secret services in Kyiv. The information about Voronenkov’s whereabouts was most likely obtained by the Russian secret agents not from his colleague - former State Duma deputy Ilya Ponomarev - or the gadgets he used for communication, but from Voronenkov’s Moscow driver Vladislav Tikhonkin whom Voronenkov was going to see before he was shot dead.

Censor.NET Chief Editor Yuri Butusov wrote in his article.

"According to sources of Censor.NET, Voronenkov planned to meet Ilya Ponomarev in Premier Palace Hotel. However, Voronenkov arranged a meeting with another person at 11.30 a.m. before seeing Ponomarev. It was his Moscow driver, Russian citizen Vladislav Tikhonkin. Voronenkov wanted to discuss with him the details of his car delivery from Moscow to Kyiv. Tikhonkin brought the car in the night of March 23.

"According to the Ukrainian intelligence reports, the driver was detained by the FSB (Russian Federal Security Service) officers when he was crossing the Russian-Ukrainian border. The FSB agents exerted severe moral coercion against him in order to obtain information about Voronenkov.

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"It is possible that Tikhonkin was recruited or his movement could have been tracked and conversations wiretapped by covert means. Voronenkov bought his driver a ticket to Moscow for March 23, 2017 but decided to meet him personally before his departure. Vladislav Tikhonkin did not disclose himself after Voronenkov's assassination nor gave testimony to Ukrainian law enforcement agencies. The driver left Ukraine in accordance with his ticket at around 2 p.m. The investigation found out that Voronenkov was going to meet Tikhonkin when the driver was already outside Ukraine," Butusov wrote.

"Voronenkov lead no solitary life in Kyiv. He attended various public assemblies, gave interviews to journalists on regular basis. However, he was killed when his driver arrived from Moscow, which made the investigators extremely suspicious. The driver was likely acting deliberately or unwittingly under the control of Russian secret services.

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"The Russian secret agents failed to find out where Voronenkov lived as contract killings and terrorist attacks are usually committed at the places of residence, where the chance to find a victim is much higher. But the enemy managed to find a way for the hitman to track down the former deputy. Voronenkov told Tikhonkin the place and time of the meeting several hours before the assassination.

"The Russian agents had no other exact information. The meeting with Ponomarev was scheduled after the one with Tikhonkin, but the assassin was waiting for Voronenkov and was ready to act, which meant that the information was obtained not from Ponomarev or the gadgets he used for communication, but from Tikhonkin. The murder was plotted in haste so they did not rigged explosives or nested a sniper as Voronenkov had to be identified in a crowd at the street. Therefore, there was only one extremely risky way to eliminate him - a close distance assassination. That's why the killer called the victim to make sure that it was Voronenkov," the journalist stressed.

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"Voronenkov's assassination is the first blatant terrorist attack in Kyiv obviously orchestrated by the Russian secret services. We may see more attacks soon. It is necessary to investigate and draw conclusions out of it in order to prevent new casualties in this secret war," Butusov said.

Denys Voronenkov was shot dead in downtown Kyiv March 23. The killer also managed to injure Voronenkov's bodyguard. The incident took place outside Kyiv's Premier Palace Hotel.

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Voronenkov was a witness in the treason case against fugitive Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych. In his interview with Censor.NET Voronenkov said that Yanukovych was a traitor "who was involved in mass slaughter, who had fled to the foreign country and urged foreign troops to slay his people. I believe this person should have received not asylum but a fair trial in Russia."

Voronenkov moved to Ukraine with his wife, former Duma member, singer Maria Maksakova, and their infant child in late 2016. He became a citizen of Ukraine and abandoned Russian passport in December 2016. On Feb. 15, 2017 he was put on federal wanted list in the Russian Federation. Voronenkov said the reason behind his migration was persecution by FSB in Russia.
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