"Remember this day: we are launching a system of transparent public control over VAT refund," - Poroshenko

President Petro Poroshenko held a meeting on the launch of Ukraine's electronic register of automatic VAT refund.

Censor.NET reports citing the presidential press service.

Petro Poroshenko called the launch an important and long-awaited event coming after tons of lengthy speculations on the matter instead of transparent work.

"Ukraine has struggled to see this day since 1996. Ukrainian entrepreneurs have been awaiting transparency in VAT refund for 21 years. Unfortunately, the VAT refund system has been enriching corrupt officials for 21 years. And this has had a huge negative impact on the economy," he stated.

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The president called the introduction of the electronic administration of VAT refund one of the important stages, which has a huge anti-corruption component, along with launching transparent mechanisms for gas procurement, public electronic procurement via the ProZorro system, the delegation of financial resources to the field as part of decentralization, when a community itself decides how to spend funds and has the opportunity to control their use through a transparent mechanism.

"Remember this day. On April 3, we are launching a system of transparent public control over VAT refund," Poroshenko said.

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Speaking about the advantages of the system, he stressed the abolition of manual VAT refund and the full automation of the process: everyone would be able to control the date of filing a request for VAT refund, a tax will be refunded only in chronological order, the verification system will be publicly available.

"The refund of a tax will be strictly controlled and have a fixed date. Nobody will be able to postpone it without explanations, abolish or exclude it from the register," the head of state noted.
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