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 Voronenkov’s assassin Parshov visited occupied Donetsk March 6, Ukraine’s prosecutor general says

Pavlo Parshov visited occupied Donetsk shortly before he murdered former State Duma deputy Denys Voronenkov in downtown Kyiv.

As reported by Censor.NET, this was stated by Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yurii Lutsenko in an interview with German Bild newspaper.

"He earlier served in the Ukrainian Interior Ministry's National Guard. March 6, the killer visited the temporarily occupied territory, namely the city of Donetsk, thus giving the president and me grounds to suspect Russia. The National Guard members, including the former ones, are barred from visiting this territory," he said.

"We searched the apartment where the killer lived with two other individuals. I cannot disclose more detail for legal reasons," the prosecutor general said.

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"Russia has definitely got a motive. First, Voronenkov intended to create an Anti-corruption Action Center in Kyiv to expose Russian FSB members involved in corrupt practices. It was also meant to fight against illegal drug trafficking. He made the relevant public statements. And secondly, the killer had contacts with the terrorists from the territory beyond control of the Ukrainian government. I'm not suggesting that the hitman was a Russian agent. However, he could had well become one many years ago even before he started serving in the Ukrainian National Guard. We will know more after we apprehend his accomplices," Lutsenko said.

Denys Voronenkov was shot dead in downtown Kyiv March 23. The killer also managed to injure Voronenkov's bodyguard. The incident took place outside Kyiv's Premier Palace Hotel.

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Voronenkov was a witness in the treason case against fugitive Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych. In his recent interview with Censor.NET Voronenkov said that Yanukovych was a traitor "who was involved in mass slaughter, who had fled to the foreign country and urged foreign troops to slay his people. I believe this person should have received not asylum but a fair trial in Russia."

Voronenkov moved to Ukraine with his wife, former Duma member, singer Maria Maksakova, and their infant child in late 2016. He became a citizen of Ukraine and abandoned Russian passport in December 2016. On Feb. 15, 2017 he was put on federal wanted list in the Russian Federation. Voronenkov said the reason behind his migration was persecution by FSB in Russia.
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