Absurd allegations that have nothing to do with reality or common sense, - Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry on Russian arrest warrant for Yatseniuk

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine expressed indignation over the decision made by the Russian court on Feb. 21, 2017 to try in absentia Ukrainian politician Arsenii Yatseniuk (Prime Minister of Ukraine in 2014-2016) and issue international arrest warrant for him.

Censor.NET reports citing the press office of Ukraine's Foreign Ministry.

"The absurd criminal charges that this decision has been based upon have nothing to do with either reality or common sense. By contrast, they have once again illustrated the complete degradation of the Russian government system that has turned justice into a rubber stamp to justify the Russian aggression against Ukraine, including through the persecution of Ukrainian politicians and ordinary Ukrainians, dozens of whom are illegally held in the Russian prisons.

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"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine emphasizes that such travesty of justice is part of a hybrid war used by the Russian authorities to try to divert attention from the actual crimes committed on the territory of Ukraine under the orders of the political and defense establishments of the Russian Federation.

"Bringing to justice those responsible for the crimes that include illegal occupation of a part of Ukraine's sovereign territory, crackdown on ethnic grounds, military intervention and supply of weapons, financing of terrorists, extensive loss of human lives and destruction is only a matter of time.

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"We call upon the global community to increase pressure on the Russian Federation to make it stop its aggression against Ukraine and restore respect for the fundamental norms and principles of the international law," the ministry said.

The Russian court earlier charged former Prime Minister of Ukraine Arsenii Yatseniuk with committing a number of crimes in Chechnya.

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