"Two our men were killed. We will avenge them and push enemy as far as Russian border," – Ukrainian marines on battle near Vodiane. VIDEO

Following the strike on Vodiane, the Russian militants tried to storm positions of Ukrainian marines but received a fitting rebuff and suffered heavy losses.

As reported by the Censor.NET citing Ukraine's Defense Ministry-run TV channel, Ukrainian soldiers report of five terrorists killed and 10 wounded in retaliation act.

Ukrainian marines staged a counterattack and captured a terrorists' position. However, they failed to make a lodgment so the commanders decided to withdraw to their initial positions.

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"Our guys did a good job - gave them fierce battle. The subversive and reconnaissance group approached our positions. The suppressing fire was put down. The enemy was forced back which provided conditions for a counterattack on one of their strongholds. The guys captured it but failed to take a hold. The enemy suffered heavy losses. Five militants were reportedly killed, which is good, and 10 more were wounded. Unfortunately, two our fighters perished. They will never be forgotten. We will get revenge and push the enemy as far as the border of the Russian Federation," the marine with call sign Yurist ("Lawyer") said.

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