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 Former communist MP Hrach: FSB plotted Crimea invasion since 2005

The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB) started supporting pro-Russian forces in Crimea back in 2005.

Former Ukrainian MP, Communist Party member Leonid Hrach told Medusa, Censor.NET reports.

Hrach said that then FSB director Nikolay Patrushev, who now serves as a Security Council secretary, started "supporting" pro-Russian forces in Crimea back in 2005. Hrach said he met Patrushev and his representatives: "In Moscow, and with representatives in Kuban. They are very smart, good, and decent generals who support mother Russia."

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Former MP also elaborated on meetings with FSB officers in 2014. He said he met some general who had been dealing with Crimea, as ordered by Patrushev, since 2005. Hrach calls the general "a professional." The communist says Patrushev offered him to become a prime minister of Crimea in 2014, upon its seizure by Russia.

However, occupied Crimea was subsequently headed by Kremlin puppet Aksenov. After that, Hrach says he halted cooperation with his Kremlin curators.

"FSB officers started another series -- Leonid Ivanovych, tomorrow we organize meetings to support the referendum and the new Crimean authorities. This is where I got angry and told them: "Guys, do it without me. I am not going to sell my name. Pro-Russian forces are one thing, but support of bandits is totally different." And we said goodbye to each other then."

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