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 No water supply in Avdiivka until mines around filtration station removed, - Zhebrivskyi

Electricity supply has been restored in embattled Avdiivka town of the Donetsk region. Water supply has not been resumed, since no repairs of the damaged chlorine pipeline were carried out at the Donetsk filtration plant.

Donetsk governor Pavlo Zhebrivskyi said in a comment to 112 Ukraine, Censor.NET reports.

"The water is supplied from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. There is a problem with the restoration of the Donetsk filtration station, where a chlorine pipeline was damaged. Neither OSCE representatives nor repairers can go there because of two mines planted by terrorists. Repairers say it will take two to three days to restore the pipeline. In old Avdiivka, we bring up technical water, deliver bottles to local shops," Zhebrivskyi said.

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Avdiivka mayor Pavlo Malykhin says the available water reserves will last for three more days.

"Old Avdiivka is facing a serious problem with water. We had certain bottled water reserves that we are now distributing among those in dire need. Yesterday, we also distributed water brought by the State Emergency Service," he said.

According to him, the heating supply system is operating normally.

"Local households are heated alright. The heat-transfer fluid is circulating," Malykhin added.

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Following recent attacks, many Avdiivka houses were damaged, while people lack building materials for their restoration, according to military chaplain Hennadii Lysenko.

Earlier, power lines damaged in recent artillery strikes on Avdiivka were discovered.

During several days, Russian representatives at the Joint Center for Control and Coordination failed to give written security guarantees for repairers to get down to work.
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