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 Russia’s former Deputy Prime Minister Koch: "Putin ordered Nemtsov’s hit"

Former Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alfred Koch believes that the murder of Boris Nemtsov was ordered by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Russian writer, mathematician-economist and businessman of German origin who served as a deputy prime minister under President Boris Yeltsin wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"Today, on the day of Boris Nemtsov's murder, I'm not going to get soft and tell touching stories about him. I'd rather talk about his killers, those who ordered his hit, to be precise. I mean Vladimir Putin," Koch wrote.

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Koch believes "fear and envy" became the motives of the murder. According to him, Putin was afraid of Nemtsov because the latter had the right to run for the State Duma in majority districts of Yaroslavl without collecting signatures being a deputy of the Yaroslavl Regional Duma and then run for president without collecting signatures already as a member of the State Duma, forcing Putin face meaningful competition in the second round.

The former Russian senior official also rejected the version of the "Chechen and Islamic motives."

"The investigation proved that the Chechens started shadowing Boris back in fall, which means that Charly Hebdo motive is wrong.... Boris had actually left for Israel with intention to become a permanent immigrant, since he reasonably assumed that he definitely faced prison term for calling Putin 'f*сked-up.' Any lawyer can confirm this. It was a real gift to the authorities: the obvious insult captured on camera and so on. Some eager beaver from among the lawmakers had already lodged his inquiry to the Investigation Committee. It seemed that further developments were just a matter of skills.

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"But the proceedings were suddenly discontinued. It is now clear that a "different" decision was taken then. But at that moment Boris boarded a plane and flew back. It was fall of 2014, when he started being shadowed by the Chechens in addition to the FSB. Surprisingly concerted actions of the Chechens and the Investigative Committee leaves no room for "purely Chechen" version so much-loved by some of my friends.

"Their cooperation lasted up to and came to its peak at the time of the murder: disabled surveillance cameras on the bridge; FSB operatives who started running every which way; the snowplow that appeared on the bridge at a surprisingly suitable moment given the absence of snow on that day (was it also orchestrated by the Chechens?) etc.," Koch wrote.

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He believes that only the Kremlin was able to organize the murder so carefully.

"If that was indeed the case, here's the answer: Russian President Putin ordered Nemtsov's hit," Koch summed up.
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