Administrators of Blue Whale suicidal game released

Two medical college students were apprehended in Kyiv yesterday.

The police officers released administrators of the so-called ''death groups'' in social networks, Censor.NET reports citing the sources in the National Police.

"Two fourth-grade students were apprehended. They study in a medical college in Kyiv. Young men explained that they were curious to understand how the human mind works and if it would be possible to manipulate the teenagers who got into a difficult situation. They gave the assignments for children to perform. The students do not study at medical faculties, they are not related to the psychiatric specialties," the source said.

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Yesterday, the police searched the places of residence and interrogated the apprehended administrators. They have not yet been adjusted to any of a suicide.

"We have no affected party, respectively, we can not charge them under any article of the Criminal Code. So, we had to release them," the police officer said.

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The police monitor dozens of curators of the suicide games. According to the source, most of them are from Russia.

Two suicides of minors, who were somehow related to the "death groups", registered in Ukraine.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n429594