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 Water supply in embattled Avdiivka cut off as Russian militants hit Donetsk filtering station, Ukraine’s deputy prime minister says

Donetsk filtering station ceased operation as it had been damaged by the shelling.

Censor.NET reports citing the statement by the press service of Voda Donbasu public utility.

"Fierce militant's strikes have been covering the area of the Donetsk filtering station for two days. The filtering station's infrastructure suffered significant damage over this period. Shells hit storage reservoir No. 1 and chlorine warehouse, damaged its roof and cut off chlorine pipeline. Two projectiles hit product water tanks. Several shells fell down near administration and amenity building and filter building. Besides, shrapnel damaged walls of the filter building, its roof and shields covering previously shattered windows. It is impossible to keep the Donetsk filtering station running in such circumstances as the staff is constantly staying in shelters. The utility company's management decided to evacuate the employees and suspend the Donetsk filtering plant's operation," the statement reads.

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Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Hennadii Zubko also reported that the water supply in Avdiivka was cut off due to the damage the militants' direct hit inflicted to the Donetsk filtering station.

"Avdiivka. Direct hit on the filtering station. The equipment has been shut down. The people taken to a shelter. The town was left without water supply again. Those orcs just do not calm down and continue smothering our land with shells on the backdrop of the Dutch support for the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement ratification," he said.

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