Ukraine did not block statement on Churkin's death in UN Security Council. The situation was different, - Ukraine's Foreign Ministry

Russian delegation in the U.N. Security Council wanted the head of the U.N. SC Volodymyr Yelchenko to adopt a political statement on sudden death of Russian Envoy Vitaly Churkin. However, the Security Council issued a traditional press statement nstead.

This was announced by press officer of Ukraine's Foreign Ministry Mariana Betsa in a commentary to LIGA.net, Censor.NET reports.

"The situation was different. The Russians wanted a separate statement issued by the head of the U.N. SC regarding the death of their ambassador," Betsa said.

She explained that there had been no precedents before, so the SC issued a regular statement on Churkin's death for the media.

"We haven't blocked anything; only a press statement has been made as it was done earlier in similar cases. The cases were a few... However, no precedents of a separate political statements have been recorded," she said.

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The Russian Foreign Ministry claims that "Ukraine has allegedly vetoed the statement by the U.N. Security Council presiding state," which is Ukraine again, regarding the death of Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the U.N. Vilaly Churkin.

The UN SC is currently presided by Ukraine's Envoy Yelchenko.

Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the U.N. Vitaly Churkin died in New York the day before his 65th birthday, Feb. 20, 2017.

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