"Ukraine's metal industry can lose 300 thousand jobs. 300 thousand people will become unemployed," - Poroshenko voices threats posed by full-scale Donbas blockade

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko says Ukraine's enemy is trying to destabilize the situation in the country from inside after the failure in the open confrontation with the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

"Today, the Ukrainian people and its Armed Forces continue to counter the aggression of Russia in Donetsk and Luhansk regions. The events near Avdiivka have demonstrated a growing efficiency of our defense, combat capacity and high morale of our troops," the president said at the solemn meeting dedicated to the Day of Honoring Combatants in the Territory of Other States on the occasion of the 28 th anniversary of withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, Censor.NET reports citing presidential press office.

"The enemy of Ukraine is trying to destabilize the situation in the country from inside after the failure in the open confrontation with the Armed Forces of Ukraine. They are trying to use the third anniversary of murder of the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred for their benefit. It is noteworthy that the groups in social networks with such remarkable names as "Continuation of the Revolution of Dignity", "Everyone to Maidan", "Ukrainian Revolution", "Maidan 3.0" and many others that distribute calls to riots are administered from Moscow. Yesterday, the Security Service provided a convincing demonstration of that with the results of the investigation," he said.

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According to Poroshenko, shutting down the railway connection with temporarily occupied territories and attempt to organize their full economic blockade has become a destabilizing factor over the recent days.

"I understand the sentiment of many Ukrainians who support this rally. This sentiment is natural for society tired of the years of war. But I will never forgive cynicism and irresponsibility of those state-mongers who used this sentiment for their selfish partisan PR," the president stressed.

Poroshenko emphasized that the government had to introduce emergency measures in the energy sphere yesterday as a result of their actions. For the blockade of the coal supply created a threat that many cities of Ukraine may be left without heating, including Sumy, Kramatorsk, the left bank of Kyiv etc.

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"Unless the blockade is finished, the Ukrainian metal industry can lose 300 thousand jobs. 300 thousand people will become unemployed. The state will lose up to 2 billion dollars of foreign exchange earnings causing respective aftermath for the exchange rate of hryvnia," the president said.

Poroshenko added that dozens of thousands of people in the occupied territories will become unemployed as well.

According to the president, there is no labor market there and the majority of people in the occupied territories will join the ranks of militants to earn money. "What is better for us: that they work in mines or kill our soldiers?" the president noted.

According to the head of state, Ukraine implements the strategy of restoration of the country's territorial integrity. "Under this strategy, we maintain extremely limited economic relations. It is not a trade with invaders. It is a cooperation with those enterprises that remain in the legal field of Ukraine despite being in the occupied territories. Those enterprises that pay taxes to the budget of Ukraine," he emphasized.

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The president reported that yesterday an agreement was reached, particularly with participation of the prime minister, to revise and restrict the list of goods allowed for transportation across the contact line. The security officials were instructed to enhance struggle against smuggling. The control of people's deputies and civil society is welcome, as stated by Petro Poroshenko.

He also said that the NSDC session was going to consider urgent measures aimed to neutralize threats to energy security of Ukraine today. "We will adopt additional decisions to diversify sources of energy coal supply taking into account that the coal extracted in the occupied territories is also Ukrainian and it must have its share in the energy balance of the country," he said.

"We will find the best ways to finish the blockade. We will protect the rights of Ukrainians on both sides of the contact line. But I will not allow demagogues to make Ukraine look like a country in anarchy. I will prevent destabilization in the ATO area. This is what the enemy is waiting from us," Poroshenko emphasized.

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