Bezsmertnyi about Savchenko: "In her desire to help she works against Ukraine"

The Russian authorities are using Ukrainian lawmaker Nadiia Savchenko for their own purposes.

Roman Bezsmertnyi, Ukraine's former representative in the Trilateral Contact Group, said in an interview with Ukrinform, Censor.NET reports.

"They are using Nadiia stealthily. And she herself does not realize that in her desire to help she works against Ukraine," he said.

"But another thing surprises me. Can't her close friends, colleagues meet with her and say in a friendly manner: don't do that but do this and this. I am surprised that the deputy corps is all that passive here," Bezsmertnyi added.

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"I believe in her inner desire to help, but the way Russians perceive it becomes dangerous. I do not see the opportunity for her play a role in Ukrainian politics. Although Russians may use her as a destabilizing factor. She is a soldier, but she is blind to many things," he stressed.

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