Steinmeier elected new president of Germany

Frank-Walter Steinmeier will take office on March 18.

A special 1,260-member assembly on Sunday elected Frank-Walter Steinmeier as the new ceremonial head of state of the German Federal Republic. He will succeed current President Joachim Gauck, who decided to step down after a single five-year term in office, Censor.NET reports citing DW.

Germans do not directly elect their president. Instead, a special assembly consisting of the 630 parliamentarians in the Bundestag, the lower legislature, and an equal number of representatives from Germany's 16 federal states cast their votes for the presidential candidates.

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A 61-year-old Social Democrat Steinmeier is Germany's former foreign minister. He will take office on March 18.

According to a poll conducted for the German publication "Bild am Sonntag," 59 percent of Germans expect Steinmeier will be a good president, compared to 19 percent who believe he will not.
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