"I had to spend night in cell," - poet Zhadan apprehended in Belarus

Serhii Zhadan did not know that he was forbidden to enter the territory of the Republic of Belarus a few years ago.

Ukrainian poet and writer Serhii Zhadan was apprehended in Minsk last night, Censor.NET reports citing his Facebook.

"Around 2 a.m., a police patrol unexpectedly came to my hotel room; they were serious and focused. They took me to the police department without any explanations. They started to search my profile in their database, but found nothing. Then police officers contacted the KGB and were advised to visit Leninske department. There they have finally explained me that I became persona non grata in the Russian Federation since 2015 "for involvement in terrorist activities," Zhadan wrote.

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As Belarus and Kazakhstan are in the same visa zone with the Russia, the ban automatically expands over Belarus and Kazakhstan.

"I can survive the ban to get to Kazakhstan, though it is shame for Belarus. I had to spend the night in a cell. I had to write long explanations in the morning, I was asked about terrorism," he wrote.

Zhadan also appealed to the Ukrainian and Belarusian Ministries of Foreign Affairs with a request to investigate this situation.

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