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 “LPR”/“DPR” terrorists make efforts to counter trade blockade, - MP Semenchenko

The “LPR”/“DPR” members organize movement to counter trade blockade of the occupied Donbas launched by Ukrainian activists.

Samopomich faction MP Semen Semenchenko wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"They are traditionally creating Antimaidan, or rather Antiblockade in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions. They also scare people by imminent blackouts if the Sloviansk TPP ceases operation. They say that the power and heating will be cut off without coal deliveries from the mines captured by the members of the so-called "LPR". However, no one says a word about the fact that Sloviansk TPP is controlled by Oleksandr Yanukovych while the coal can be purchased from different suppliers, but we have got used to it," he wrote.

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"The members of the former Party of Regions gather people at the Zaporizhia redoubt in Bakhmut to make an attempt to provide access to the train carrying a cargo of clay. The trains continue delivering metal, ore, timber, crude iron, clay, hardware, coal, etc. using other railroad branches that must also be blocked," the MP added.

As reported, the trade blockade participants blocked the railroad tracks near Bakhmut on Feb. 2.

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Earlier, Jan. 25, anti-terrorist operation (ATO) veterans blocked railroad track connecting Luhansk, Lysychansk, and Popasna at the section between Hirske and Zolote villages. On Jan. 25, anti-terrorist operation (ATO) veterans blocked the Luhansk-Popasna haul, launching a trade blockade of the occupied Donbas areas. The movement of 12 trains with a total of 700 cars has been barred.

Later, Deputy Minister for the occupied territories and IDPs Heorhii Tuka said the decision to launch trade blockade was extra-legal. Minister for the temporarily occupied territories and IDPs Vadym Chernysh spoke against possible ban on commodities delivery across the contact line in the Donbas: "We need to be able to deliver coal otherwise we will face problems throughout the country."
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