MP Vlasenko commented on Tymoshenko and Trump meeting

The meeting of the ''Batkivshchyna'' party leader Yulia Tymoshenko with the President of the United States Donald Trump was of a private character, so the party can not reveal any details.

MP Serhii Vlasenko, who accompanied Yulia Tymoshenko during her visit to the United States, told Censor.NET.

Vlasenko said that it was a private meeting. The MP has also advised journalists to ask Tymoshenko about her meeting with Trump on Monday when she will visit the parliament.

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At the same time, Vlasenko accused the presidential administration of spreading the false information. The MP said that Tymoshenko did not ask for the personal meeting with Trump and did not plan this meeting as well.

"The leakage was not from our side. Details were not disclosed, because there are, unfortunately, a lot of formal restrictions caused by a private meeting status. Unlike Petro [Poroshenko - ed.] and his unscrupulous team, we understand the protocol requirements,'' he added.

Trump promised that "he will not abandon Ukraine" during the meeting with Tymoshenko.

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