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 UNHCR delivers 40 tons of humanitarian aid for 2,500 Avdiivka residents

UNHCR, the U.N. Refugee Agency, delivered 40 metric tons of humanitarian assistance to the town of Avdiivka on Thursday, Feb. 2.

As reported by Censor.NET citing UNHCR press service, in addition to a highly demanded tarpaulin for emergency repairs, the humanitarian cargo contained supplies for 2,000 persons, including 2,000 blankets, 500 bedding and towel sets, jerry cans, buckets and winter clothing.

On Thursday afternoon, UNHCR teams jointly with local authorities and Donetsk Governor Pavlo Zhebrivskiy started direct deliveries in safe areas in the town. Priority was given to the most vulnerable individuals and households, who suffered from resumed fighting.

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Further distributions will be facilitated by staff from Prolisok and Vidrodzhennia NGOs and volunteers. Since outbreak of violence last week, these UNHCR partner organizations provided 60 families with plastic sheeting to cover damaged roofs and windows.

Intensified shelling leads to more destruction and growing protection and emergency shelter needs in this frontline location. Some 52 private houses were damaged in Avdiivka on Thursday night only. The UNHCR assistance will allow to provide the reinforced plastic sheeting for 300 households if the situation further deteriorates. UNHCR protection staff and partners are as well on the ground, to ensure persons have access to information, protect by presence, and undertake referrals.

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UNHCR also continues to monitor the situation and needs of persons evacuated from Avdiivka. As of yesterday, some 200 people were relocated, including 34 unaccompanied children.

On Wednesday, UNHCR also sent a truck to the town of Sviatohirsk with blankets, bedding sets, winter jackets and other essentials to cover needs of up to 500 people. UNHCR partners distributed assistance to the first group of children and their parents who arrived on Wednesday. While local authorities ensured free accommodation and meals, UNHCR partners continue to provide legal, information and psychological assistance to displaced from Avdiivka.

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The fighting in the vicinity of Avdiivka has been underway since late Saturday, Jan. 28.

After three days, Ukrainian soldiers managed to take enemy positions and improved their tactical set-up in the area. Unfortunately, casualties were reported among the military.

On Jan. 30, enemy strikes left the government-controlled town of Avdiivka without electricity, water and heat.

In the evening of Jan. 30, a state of emergency was declared in Avdiivka.

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As reported by the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) Staff press center, militants carry out not stop attacks on Ukrainian positions near the town.

A regional coordination center to aid local population has been set up.

According to the National Police, six civilians had been wounded and 26 houses damaged as of morning, Feb. 1. A female body of a civilian was found in Avdiivka downtown on Feb. 1.

The Donetsk regional civil-military administration said the sides had agreed to cease fire until 5 p.m. Wednesday.

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