Ukraine needs no another Maidan Revolution, - Saakashvili

Former Georgian president and ex-head of the Odesa regional state administration Mikheil Saakashvili believes Ukraine does not require another revolution.

He said in an interview with Censor.NET.

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"We are amidst a severe crisis now. Poroshenko controls financial flows, media, the government, but he does not control the country. The country is reigned by a crisis. The authorities behave brazenly and may get off the road. But I don't think another Maidan [Revolution] is needed. I believe the political class must change as a result of election. A new force has to come to the power and establish order. A kind of force that will hold structural reforms during the first two months. We have to take the power rather than bringing in yet another group of people who have money to buy seats in the parliament for the next round of country plundering.

"Ukraine has never been as united as it is now. But a state can be built only by idealists with burning eyes, not profiteers roaming on other people's pockets," he said.

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