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 Ukraine can't afford Dozors, Oplots and other up-to-date military hardware, - Ukroboronprom

Due to the lack of funds, Ukroboronprom (Ukraine's defense production) state concern will have to send most of the staff of Lviv Armor Vehicle Factory on an unpaid leave.

Censor.NET reports referring to Ukroboronprom's press service.

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"The Ukrainian military don't get modern Oplot tanks, Dozor-B armored vehicles and other up-to-date equipment because of underfunding. Due to the lack of public funds, Ukroboronprom will have to send most of the staff of Lviv Armor Vehicle Factory on an unpaid leave," the statement notes.

"At present, the production capacity of Ukrboronprom is several times as high as what Ukraine's state budget can afford. We have completely fulfilled the state defense order, the army has got everything it asked for," the concern says.

Ukroboronprom says it does its best to minimize harm caused by the lack of budget funds.

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"Investments, joint ventures, technology transfer, research and development - all these are tools to support the competitiveness of our defense production," the press service adds.

Another factor important for the development of the Ukrainian defense industry is its export capacity which can help equip the Ukrainian army.

"Each exported tank gives several tanks to our army at the expense of the taxpayers of other countries... Export allows us to scale production, invest in new machines, educate people, raise their expertise," the concern explains.

Earlier, Ukroboronprom presented a reform strategy for Ukraine's military-industrial complex. It provides for clear sequential steps: corporatization, auditing, clustering, technology protection and the launch of innovation development platform.

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