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 Ukrainian military repulse enemy, improve their tactical set-up near Avdiivka, - journalist


However, the chances that the militants will further try to regain lost ground is still high.

Censor.NET chief editor Yurii Butusov wrote on Facebook.

"We've got some details of the Jan. 29 battle near Avdiivka. It turns out that the units of the 1st Battalion of the 72nd Mechanized Brigade ably defended their positions. In a daring counterattack, they (by accident) took a number of enemy positions near the Yasynuvata junction, on the flank of the industrial zone. They managed to capture three terrorists; however, probably as a result of artillery barrage by Russian occupation troops, only one survived," he said.

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"The fighting is still going on. The 11th Motorized Rifle Regiment of the "Donetsk People's Republic" and the redeployed reserves are trying to turn the tide. However, Ukrainian soldiers are kicking back. Other Ukrainian units are also engaged, including the 12th Mechanized Infantry Battalion. Firing back, our troops improved their tactical set-up in the course of battles during Jan. 29-30. The enemy has been knocked out again. But the firing is underway. Our soldiers hold the lines, though it is still highly probable that militants will continue attempts to regain the lost ground," Butusov said.

"Unfortunately, our gains have cost us high price - the blood of soldiers and officers of the 1st Battalion who defend Avdiivka and are not going to step back. Only forward," the journalist concluded.

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