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 State Guard Service officer shot first in Kniazhychi incident, - Lutsenko

A State Guard Service officer was the first to fire into the air during the incident that occurred in Kniazhychi village and led to the death of five law enforcers in early December 2016.

Censor.NET reports citing Espresso TV quoting Prosecutor Genaral Yurii Lutsenko as saying.

"Judging by what we see in the video, a State Guard Service officer shot first, standing behind a stone wall separating him from the shoot-out scene-to-be," Lutsenko said.

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According to him, the State Guard Service officer fired into the air and a shoot-out followed.

Lutsenko added that the house in Kniazhychi, which robbers were going to break into, could be also robbed by State Guard Service officers who could take away elite alcohol.

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Five police officers were shot dead in a fire exchange between members of different police squads in the village of Kniazhychi Dec. 4.

Two of them were State Guard Service officers, two were police investigators, and one was a KORD special purpose unit serviceman.

People's Front MP Anton Herashchenko wrote it was an accidental skirmish caused by a mistake that led to the deaths of five officers.

The tragedy in the village of Kniazhychi occurred during a special operation to track down a group of criminals who committed robberies in the city of Kyiv and the Kyiv region. The three violators were later apprehended by police.

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