Militants used tanks in yesterday's fighting near Avdiivka, Ukrainian soldiers rebuffed attack, - journalist

Russian occupation forces, having suffered heavy losses in yesterday's clashes near the Yasynuvata interchange and Avdiivka industrial area, attempted to wrest ground from Ukrainian troops.

Censor.NET chief editor Yurii Butusov wrote on Facebook.

According to him, Ukrainian positions came under heavy artillery fire by the 1st Army Corps of Russia's hybrid forces. He emphasized the fighting was taking place in the government-controlled territory (as stipulated by the Minsk agreements).

"However, the Russian command is going to keep threatening Avdiivka at all costs. None of OSCE inspections can reduce the intensity of the fighting. Soldiers at the front line say Russian mercenaries used battle tanks," Butusov wrote.

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He added that the 72nd Mechanized Brigade deployed in that area keep holding the lines with Ukrainian artillery providing proper support.

"The situation near Avdiivka requires the most serious attention," the journalist concluded.

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