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 SBU general in charge of spying on Ukrainian lawmakers, - MP Nayyem

The Security Service of Ukraine did not change its methods even after the Euromaidan and Revolution of Dignity. The agency continues to wiretap people’s deputies and other political undesirables.

As reported by Censor.NET, this was stated by Member of Ukrainian Parliament Mustafa Nayyem on air of a TV show broadcasted by ZIK TV channel.

"The organized crime syndicate within the law enforcement system has only partly broken up after the Maidan. Once the crime syndicate leaders were dislodged, the system aimed at generating illegal income and victimization has also partially disintegrated, but its methods were preserved," Nayyem said.

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The MP stressed that the Security Service of Ukraine continued spying on people's deputies.

"Gen. Oleh Frolov is a member of the Security Service of Ukraine who is directly involved in listening in to the lawmakers.... Well, I'm sorry, but with all due respect to the president and other people, this is just ridiculous. This is paranoia!" the MP said.

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"Moreover, this is not just wiretapping. This is spying on email, Viber, and Telegram accounts. Should you talk to a department head of any law enforcement agency, all of them would confirm that it is unsecure to use Viber, Telegram, not to mention SMS. Everything is being monitored. The only application that can be safely used is WhatsApp," Nayyem said, noting that the illegally obtained information about the officials is often being sold.
Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n424625