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 Poroshenko says Ukraine will never surrender Donbas

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko slammed some Ukrainian politicians for advocating the idea to surrender the Donbas.

As reported by Censor.NET citing 112 Ukraine TV channel, the head of state said delivering speech on occasion of Unity Day in Ukraine.

"It is sad to talk about this on Unity Day, but we have the political forces which in a very polished way suggest surrendering the Donbas... I want to ask these politicians: Gentlemen, have you collected these territories to squander them?" the president said.

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Poroshenko noted that these political forces were calling "to treat the residents of the occupied territories as if they were not our Ukrainian citizens anymore."

"Such strategy will definitely not help to achieve peace. Russia's target is not Donetsk or Luhansk, Russia's goal is entire Ukraine, not Crimea and Sevastopol alone," the president stressed.

As reported, President Poroshenko took part in the solemn celebration on the occasion of Ukraine's Unity Day on Jan. 22.

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