Crimea's return to Ukraine due to higher living standards is absurd idea, - Dzhemilev

It is impossible to return Russian-occupied Crimea to Ukraine only through the improvement of living standards in the country.

Crimean Tatars leader and Ukrainian MP Mustafa Dzhemilev told Novoie Vremia, Сensor.NET reports.

"When they say let's have a good life in the country and the Crimeans themselves will want back in Ukraine, it is absurd," he said.

Explaining his position, Dzhemilev noted that the Russian regime has never considered a public opinion.

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"Think of Chechnya, where some people were killed, some were forced to emigrate, and where only Putin's Chechens live today. Let me also remind you that under the Criminal Code of Russia talks about the necessity of holding a referendum to determine the status of the territory fall under Article 280 that provides for up to five years in prison for encroachment on the territorial integrity of Russia," Dzhemilev said.

He also expressed the opinion that Ukraine will not be able to return Crimea through military means.

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"Speaking of Crimea's liberation, the matter is that we can't do it with weapons. The difference in forces is rather big. Such a variant would entail great human losses and even the loss of the entire peninsula," Dzhemilev explained.

He said he saw the liberation of Crimea in putting sufficient pressure on Russia, primarily through economic sanctions "that should be effective to such an extent so that to force the aggressor to reckon with the international law and behave decently."

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