Runaway Yanukovych blames Maidan killings on Turchynov, Parubii and Pashynskyi

Viktor Yanukovych keeps insisting the Prosecutor General's Office (PGO) has not served any indictment against him.

He said this in an interview with RIA Novosti, Censor.NET reports.

"My lawyers have recently informed me that on Friday, Jan. 20 a meeting of the Pechersk district court of Kyiv is scheduled to consider a request by the PGO to proceed with the case in absentia, without my presence. I want to emphasize that I still have no information from the Ukrainian prosecution regarding the crimes of which I am accused and the nature of the charges," Yanukovych said.

According to him, this is stipulated by the Ukrainian legislation and the constitution: "I abide by them while the PGO hardly does. I am sure they have questions for me in this case, but I have questions too. If the PGO recognizes that on March 1, 2014 I was the president, then what about Turchynov who called himself acting president from Feb. 22? If the PGO claims I did nothing, despite external threats to Ukraine, then why didn't Anatolii Matios, who held a high position in my administration and is now a military prosecutor of the country, report me about the situation," he went on.

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"I was accused of all mortal sins on the very day of the tragedy. But after three years, the PGO haven't provided the public with a single proof of my guilt in the death of people. Today many people understand who actually benefited from Maidan shootings and was behind them. These are top Ukrainian officials: Turchynov, Parubii, Pashynskyi and their accomplices. I have already accumulated evidence proving their involvement in the execution of the Heavenly Hundred and law enforcement officers on the Maidan. Moreover, after my questioning via video link on Nov. 28, some Ukrainians addressed me and provided additional information confirming the involvement of these people," Yanukovych added.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n424005